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2014-07-08 23:34:51
Kommentar: may be far fetched and seem imoilspbse but if your willing to try it out, there is this new thing called .Early Intervention. And her son has now written his own book with a friend and Emily is the writer of the special needs segments on Seseame Street!! She autographed our copy of the peom and we also have baggage claim tickets that read Originating to Italy, Destination .Holland.We mourned for quite awhile and I do look back now and think WHY? Our 25 month old is amazing and he is such a joy in our lives..and the best thing- I love how (since he is our last child) I can enjoy those milestones longer! He just started walking and Ive loved how long it has taken because kids grow so fast, that you will soon forget those small details. Please know, things will get better than you first thought love your child just as you expected to anyway. DS is not a diagnosis, it truley is a blessing.
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2012-07-16 21:29:16
Yes but only if she calls sky to notify them that it will be genittg used in your box.I have the sports channels and my brother doesn't (but he does have a massive TV so the footy is better on it). I called Sky and they took my card number and my brother's address and within 20mins i was up and running at his.
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